rental studio -貸しスタジオ-


Kichijoji is a popular city in Tokyo as “the number one wanted to live”. “Studio Amrita West” located in the middle of the busy Tokyu department store, Nakadori Street.
Underground “West B1 Studio” is a lighting-equipped studio that can be used for events as well. “West 3F studio” where you can pick up with sunlight sinking carpet.
“North B1 Studio” near Hachiman Shrine is a foot-friendly studio with ceiling flooring 3 meters high, easy to use for dancing.
All studios are within 5 minutes on foot from Kichijoji station. Three kinds of studios, 49 to 71 m2, include lessons such as dance, yoga, walking and fighting skills, as well as various courses, seminars and classrooms such as hobby, craft, language and painting, corporate training, practicing place, stage rehearsal, presentation You can use it for various purposes as multi-purpose space such as meeting, workshop etc.



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